Our Unique Formula

The Perfect Blend

Laser Lessons provides you with online learning resources to enhance your blended approach to teaching and learning for a variety of course subjects.

Why Choose Laser Lessons

Just like our online CPD short courses, each of our lesson resources are written by industry professionals with expertise in their subject and vocational experience.

Each course follows our unique Laser Lessons formula, and consists of:

  • A filmed tutorial with a professional presenter and accompanying text for those with hearing difficulties
  • Selected reading available in PDF format and also from trusted websites
  • A presentation to give further explanation of a specific topic
  • Good practice example videos, including videos scripted by Laser Systems for Canal Wharf Studios to cover specific criteria
  • An interactive quiz to test knowledge gained
  • Evidence opportunities which allow the learner to produce work towards their course
  • Extended learning materials for those who want to develop their skills and knowledge even further
  • A think and challenge activity which asks the learner to put the knowledge they have gained towards a real-life scenario
Full Lesson Resources
Written By Subject Specialists

Laser Lessons is used by colleges, schools, businesses, and training providers across the UK and internationally to support their teaching and blended learning delivery of qualifications and training. Learners can access their resources online in the classroom, or in their own time, giving them the best possible support on their learning journey.

Our learning resources are created to complement qualifications and courses offered by a range of awarding organisations, and are ideal for apprenticeship learners.

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Learn more about Laser Lessons by arranging a free demo with us. Here is an example of one of our good practice videos for childcare filmed by Canal Wharf Studios. All our lessons follow the same structure, including video tutorials, presentations, quizzes and more. More info on our lesson pricing can also be found here.

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