Auditing and Compliance

Been There, Done That

The ability to audit an e-portfolio, whether it’s to audit learners’ work or to audit for an external inspection, is of the upmost importance when choosing the right e-portfolio for you.

As experienced educational professionals, our team have been on both sides of the auditing process and have been audited by UK funding providers as well as Ofsted, while also conducting audits on behalf of similar organisations.

Quality Assurance

The Laser creates a sampling plan at the click of a button, and it can be customised to fit your IQA strategy. As an IQA, you can instantly see:

  • The learner’s evidence
  • Assessor feedback
  • Workplans set
  • All paperwork
  • ILP log
  • Communication between learner and trainer

Simply add your review of the assessor’s judgement of evidence, and the Laser will also create a history of reviews so you know which evidence has already been sampled. Once your review is added, a comment will instantly appear for the assessor to read. The assessor can respond, and all actions are recorded for a clear audit trail.

Laser Audit

The Laser provides a visible, clear audit trail from start to finish. A learner’s e-portfolio securely holds all their paperwork from sign-up, initial assessment and coursework, to satisfaction surveys and certification.

An EQA can be given a secure login to access a learner’s e-portfolio remotely and view their entire portfolio, all evidence, progress reviews, IQA feedback, communication between trainer and learner, as well as further documentation such as health and safety documents for the learner’s workplace.

  • Auditing

    In line with funding provider rules, a learner’s Laser remains accessible for 7 years after they complete their course, meaning you can access all their paperwork, coursework, assessment and IQA information at the click of a button, saving time and human resources when it comes to auditing. If a learner ESF funded, their Laser remains accessible for 13 years.

  • Reporting

    The Laser allows you to track each learner’s progress and collates reports at the click of a button, saving time and human resources.

    Create custom reports and save them so you can instantly generate a report in the future. Pick and choose the date you need, and analyse the report in the Laser to delve into each portfolio in more detail, or export each report as a CSV file.

    Reports can be generated for any Laser user, meaning they are also the ideal way to manage how trainers are spending their time with their learners and can help provide evidence to support trainers at audit if necessary.

  • EQA Visits

    EQAs don’t need to come to you to conduct a routine audit, as you can supply a secure login to your Laser which gives them access to the learner portfolios they want to audit.

Being Audit Ready

The Laser ensures you have all the tools necessary to conduct your own auditing processes as you see fit, so when you are scheduled for a funding or awarding organisation audit, you feel equipped to provide all the evidence they need.

We also ask that organisations let us know when they are scheduled to have an EQA audit as soon as they find out so our team can be ready to help if needed at any point.


Meeting Ofsted Requirements

How does the Laser support you for an Ofsted evaluation?

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