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We understand that apprenticeship delivery comes with its own set of unique rules and regulations, and that having access to an e-portfolio and learning resources should only make things easier, rather than make processes more complicated.

Creating Your Apprenticeship Standard

All you have to do to set up your apprenticeship standard is tell us what you want to be included.
We will ask you:

  • Which qualifications do you want to be included as part of the apprenticeship standard and which awarding organisation(s) will you be delivering the qualifications with?
  • Will you be using our Laser learning resources as part of your teaching and learning delivery or will you only need access to the Laser e-portfolio?
  • Do you want to include our care certificate lesson resources as part of your apprenticeship standard or would you like an area to upload a care certificate as evidence (where applicable)?
  • Do you intend to offer any Employment Rights and Responsibilities training to you apprentices?
  • Do you intend to offer any Personal Learning and Thinking skills training to your apprentices?
  • Do you want us to provide an area to record Functional Skills and GCSE exam dates and record results? Please be aware that some standards require only that an exam is sat, rather than passed.
  • Will you be making use of the ‘My Development Diary’ area of the Laser where apprentice, trainer, and workplace can upload work or evidence of learning, or provide feedback to show development throughout the apprenticeship? Relevant test dates can be recorded here. This can be seen by an EPA on the Laser or exported to the EPA.
  • Will you be making use of the ‘EPA Evidence’ area of the Laser where evidence for use in the End Point Assessment can be stored. This can be testimonials, and is a showcase where apprentices reflect and present examples of their development or a reflective journal. This can be seen by an EPA on the Laser or exported to the EPA.
  • Is there a self-assessment in this apprenticeship that must be submitted to the EPA?
  • Will the apprentice have to undergo practice EPAs before they are ready for the EPA?

With your apprenticeship standard in place you can deliver the best possible experience for your apprentices and be sure they have access to everything they need on their Laser e-portfolio.

20% On/Off-The-Job Training

The Laser e-portfolio allows you to calculate the 20% on/off-the-job training for each individual apprentice. This saves you time and energy and gives you the opportunity to include this data in your overall analysis of apprentice progress.

And Lots More
  • End Point Assessment
    The Laser also incorporates EPA and includes a development diary for learners to contribute their work to before their final end point assessment.
  • Apprenticeship Audit Trail
    Auditing is an important consideration when choosing the right e-portfolio and learning resources for apprentices.

    Our team understand the auditing process, and have been part of apprenticeship funding audits and Ofsted audits in the past, so we understand the stress it can cause. However, the Laser e-portfolio provides auditors with all the information they need for each learner, from start up paperwork to certification, and allows you to track each learner’s progress and all communications from day one.

    It also allows for the apprentice’s employers and mentors to instantly contribute to their portfolio via progress reviews, the ILP log, and satisfaction surveys.

  • Data and Reports
    As part of your regular gap analysis and learner progress tracking you can instantly produce reports on cohorts of learners. You can choose how to group learners and what data you want to collect. You can also choose to analyse data according to assessor as part of their self-assessment if you wish.
  • Industry Changes
    Our content team keep on top of changes to the apprenticeship landscape (which never stays the same for long) as well as any changes to specific qualifications, apprenticeship standards, industry legislation, or sector specific changes to best practice.

    Lesson resources are then immediately updated to reflect these, and our e-portfolio is adapted to ensure you have everything you need to remain compliant.

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