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The Laser Care Certificate and care CPD short courses are endorsed by Skills for Care.

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Find out more about our care certificate course on the Laser Care Certificate website. Whether you are an individual who is purchasing the course for themselves, or an organisation with multiple employees, you can create your account here and get started.

What Is The Care Certificate?

The Care Certificate is the expected certificate of induction for support workers across England from April 2015, and is expected to ultimately replace the Common Induction Standards for adult social care. The CQC “…expect that providers who employ health care support workers and social care workers should be able to demonstrate that those staff have, or are working towards, the skills set out in the Care Certificate.”

Read the full response to the Care Certificate from the CQC.

It is an introduction to the expectations of your job role and covers the essential knowledge needed for new workers before they are able to work alone without support or guidance from colleagues.

What's Included?

This Laser® course was developed specifically for the Care Certificate and provides knowledge to cover every standard included in the official Skills For Care specifications.

Learning materials are varied in order to suit every Personal Learning Style and include bespoke video tutorials, presentations, reading materials and quizzes.

The course includes a free Personal Learning Style questionnaire so that you can discover how you learn best. Knowing your personal learning style will enhance your study skills and help you get the most from not only this course but any other learning you engage with in the future.

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Visit our dedicated Care Certificate website here for additional info, and create your account today!

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