Our team will build a Laser for your organisation and provide the following FREE of charge:

  • A personalised Laser using your organisation logo
  • Never pay to add staff members to your Laser – add as many as you need
  • Full initial Laser training for your staff members in England. If your organisation is in England we will come to you for initial training or you are more than welcome to come to us. If there is extended travel involved for us there may be a charge for us to come to you, though this will only be for travel and accommodation (if necessary). However, you are always welcome to visit our offices for training, or you can choose to have your initial training via video conference at no cost to you.
  • Ongoing support by phone, email, and video conference for you and your staff at times to suit you. If you are an international client then we will arrange a time for training with you to suit your time zone.
  • Further training in the coming months and years if you need it or appoint new staff. Again, there may be a charge if there is extended travel involved. It is important to us that your staff are comfortable using the Laser and we will do everything we can within reason to ensure your team are confident in their role with the Laser.

To enjoy all these benefits we ask you make an purchase of £1,200 worth of Laser licences as initial your order. These licences are for you to use, so you are only paying for licences you can instantly use with your learners with no additional charges. You need to purchase a licence for each learner you add to the Laser, but you all staff and auditors are licence free.

Who trains your learners to use the Laser?

Our initial training covers everything staff need to know to use the Laser, including how to use the Laser as a learner. Your staff can then go on to train learners to be confident in using their Laser platform. This means we don’t have to charge you for training learners, and also that learners understand their training organisation is always their point of contact, rather than Laser Systems and Laser Learning.

Licence prices

The licence cost reflects the size of the qualification and whether or not you wish to include learning resources available.

E-portfolio with teaching resources

Full qualifications (8 unit or more)    

£60.00 per learner

Qualifications with 2 to 7 units    

£45.00 per learner

Single units         

£25.00 per learner

E-portfolio only (with no learning resources)

£30.00 per learner

Laser Maths

£25.00 per learner

Laser Lessons (learning resources only with no e-portfolio)

Prices start at £595 per course, per year with a minimum purchase of two courses. This price gives you access to all the learning resources available for each course you choose, for all your learners and staff, for a full 12 months. If you purchase more than five courses there are additional discounts up to 20%, so please contact us to discuss this.

This price also includes any updates to the learning resources and lessons to reflect changes to legislation, laws, or industry best practice.

We will happily discuss discounts for bulk orders but this is on a individual customer basis, so please get in touch.

Are there any other costs?

There are no other costs unless you want to request more personalisation to your Laser, or you want us to create something specifically for you, then there will be a charge for this additional work. The majority of our clients don’t require anything further and so don’t pay any further charges for additional work.

We have worked with some organisations to provide solutions for very specific needs and we have agreed on a price for this work which takes into account the time and resources required and suits their budget. If you have any questions about this please let us know, but these are not hidden charges and we would discuss any work you require, create a brief, and agree a price with you in advance.

Please note that prices are subject to change so please do contact us to discuss any purchases or to confirm the total cost.

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