Assessment and consultancy

The Laser Learning assessment team can assess the following qualifications for clients outside the UK:

  • Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CACHE)
  • Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices (CACHE)
  • Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance and Assessment Processes and Practices (CACHE)

If your staff require any of the above qualifications in order to register as a CACHE centre, we are able to assess these for you. Please be aware these are the ONLY qualifications our team assess.

Starting a qualification

For someone to begin their assessor qualification they will need to assess to completion three units across two students. The students must complete the units so that the trainee assessor can complete their qualification. The students need to be registered with your training centre. We are, however, often able to provide a counter signatory for those training to assess early years’ qualifications.

For someone to begin their Internal Quality Assurer qualification they must have two assessors to work with. These can be trainee assessors. Laser Learning cannot provide assessors or learners for you to complete a qualification.

Please be aware that Laser Systems cannot enter into a training contract with any organisation or person who has not met these conditions before starting their course. On application, or two weeks before your start date at the latest, you must provide the names of the two learners or assessors (whichever your course requires) you will be working with, as well as a letter from them stating that they are happy to be assessed by you while you train to achieve your chosen qualification. We can provide you with a template letter if you require it.

Laser Systems do not provide learners or assessors for trainees to gain their qualification(s).

Costs for assessment

Each course is charged at £1200 per trainee.

If you are a Laser e-portfolio user this price is reduced to £900 per trainee.

Your trainee is delivered via your Laser. This is the same for the learners you are assessing while in training.

The cost of training you for your qualification includes:

  • An assessor
  • An IQA
  • Your individual registration with CACHE
  • Your individual certification with CACHE
  • E-portfolio access
  • Lesson resources

Our assessment team will carry out a comprehensive initial assessment and set your completion date with your input. Our expectation is that you will complete within 4 months, however, if this date needs to be extended, you may be charged an additional £100 for each month that you go over time. This charge is to cover the cost of the additional assessing and support we will provide to see you to the completion of your qualification. If you do not make an effort to progress and go over your completion date by a significant extension, or are not contactable for an extended period of time and so go over your agreed completion date, you may be removed from the course.

We will not charge you an additional fee for the extension of your completion date without speaking to you first and discussing how we can support you to achieve your qualification. If you are not contactable we will continue to attempt to make contact with you until we have no choice but to remove you from the course.

All of this will be discussed with you before you begin your training with us and it is an extremely rare occurrence that an individual is charged for additional assessor time or removed from the course.

To discuss an application for the assessor or IQA qualifications please email, or call our office on +44 1753 584 112.


Laser Systems have provided a specific Laser platform for Jawda, The 1st Quality Improvement Program for Nurseries & Preschools in the Gulf Region created by Arabian Child.



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