Benefits of the Laser

Is it cost effective?


Moving to online learning and assessment will save you resources, time, and money.

How much does a paper portfolio cost?

A paper portfolio will include the cost of (for each learner):

• paper
• storage
• archiving
• copying
• destroying
• printing
• administration

How much does the Laser cost?

Minimum initial purchase order £1,200 worth of licences which you can use for your learners.

NO set-up fee

NO monthly fees

FREE initial training and ongoing support for your staff

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What are the benefits of moving to an e-portfolio?

End paper-based portfolios

No more carrying around paper portfolios or misplacing paperwork. All start-up paperwork and coursework can be stored on the Laser and accessed at any time. Each portfolio can be downloaded for the learner to keep once they have completed their course.

Fewer visits

The theory that online learning and assessment means more visits is false. Blended learning means assessors have more contact time with their learners via the Laser, phone and video call. Visits are still necessary, and we can’t stop learners from neglecting to attend visits, but it means the learner doesn’t have to fall behind as they still have access to their learning, even if they miss a visit from their assessor. Assessors can talk to learners via the Laser and set work easily and instantly, meaning the cost of assessment is cheaper.


In line with funding provider rules, a learner’s Laser remains accessible for 10 years after they complete their course, meaning you can access all their paperwork, coursework, assessment and IQA information at the click of a button, saving time and human resources when it comes to auditing.


The Laser allows you to track each learner’s progress and collates reports at the click of a button, saving time and human resources.

EQA visits

EQAs don’t need to come to you to conduct a routine audit, as you can supply a secure login to your Laser which gives them access to the learner portfolios they want to audit.

FREE training

Our customer service team will deliver an initial training session for all staff users for free, and are available by phone, email and video call.

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