The Next Generation Laser e-portfolio and virtual learning environment (VLE) is available from September 2019.

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The Next Generation Laser e-portfolio has been designed for learners of all ages and abilities, and we’ve given careful consideration to the fact that everyone learns differently and some people have additional needs or require additional support.

Really appreciate the quick response I receive and the positive and helpful attitude from all of the Laser staff. Nothing is too much trouble, thank you so much.”

– Lynne, British Orchard Nursery

First and foremost, the Laser is designed to be user friendly, intuitive, and simple.

  • Large, clear icons
  • Your establishment logo on your Laser so learners and staff know they are in the right place
  • Easy navigation from home page to all other parts of the Laser
  • Obvious percentage increase when work is completed to encourage learners
  • RAG (red, amber, green) coding system so learners and trainers know whether they are on track
  • Easily upload work with emphasis on holistic uploading and assessment
  • Communicate through Laser Mail and track all communication via the Laser for audit purposes

I felt the course was amazing, the Laser portfolio and the way you could access the work was excellent. Often my work was being marked as I was working on it. The reason I have achieved so much so quickly is because I have enjoyed the course so much.”

– Cathy Bruin, Learner

The staff are very supportive, responsive, and accommodating to needs of learners, assessors and other stakeholders of Educare training centre.”

– Educare Training Centre