Make Personal Development and Learning your Priority in 2019

January arrives on the coattails of December, a month stuffed to the brim in every way possible, whether it’s social engagements, deadlines, or a dinner plate. December can be just as exhausting as it is exhilarating, and January can feel a bit like salvation with its normal everyday routine and the promise of a fresh start.

With January’s resolutions and resolve it can also feel a little daunting when considering how to get your year off to the best start, especially with an influx of marketing messages asking you to ‘change’ in the new year. However, focusing on development rather than complete change is a healthy way to ease yourself into a new year with a positive start.

Developing your skills and knowledge with learning is an investment you will continue to benefit from year after year and is also an investment that doesn’t demand drastic change.

Why learn something new at the start of 2019?

Community learning helps to combat loneliness

‘The culture of adult learning encourages settings and behaviours that favour connection-making. It can be supportive; inclusive; accessible; respectful; positive and forward-looking; collaborative and social. It also provides a common link – a shared interest in a subject or a shared challenge, but in a largely non-competitive and supported environment.’ – TES

If you learn as part of a community or learn alongside others you will reap the benefits of sharing ideas, conversation, and gaining the experience of others. This could be a community both online or offline, and your contributions to the community will help support the learning of others.

Learning can lead to new opportunities

Developing your skills or learning something new can lead to different opportunities. Whether it’s discovering a love for something you never thought about before, making new friends and connections, or building your confidence in new areas, this can all lead to new opportunities in your life.

Confidence in particularly important and learning something in 2019 doesn’t have to mean taking on a big subject. You might want to learn a bit more about something you already do on a daily basis, or perfect a skill you’ve been meaning to revisit for a while. Dedicating time to yourself and your development can build confidence and self-esteem which in turn can lead to opportunities because you feel more positively about things you may not have done in the past.

Laser Lessons

Personal development is part of professional development

Traditionally, learning new skills or developing your knowledge is part of building your work resume. Even if you start small, you may find you have a talent you haven’t given the opportunity to blossom, or that you want to go on to learn something in more detail. All of this can lead to further work opportunities or even a new career path.

Don’t be afraid to approach your employer about personal and professional development around your job role. This is an important part of your employment and it’s important your job role gives you the opportunity to develop.

As an employer, January is the perfect time to encourage staff to develop their skills and knowledge whether it’s for personal or professional outcomes.

If you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas of what to learn, you can see a full list of Laser CPD Short Courses on our website.