Standardisation: how do online learning platforms like the Laser aid standardisation?

As assessors and IQAs, we are always working to provide the best learning experience for learners based on their individual learning needs. We are consistently evaluating each learner’s needs based on their initial assessment, their progress, their communication, and their SMART targets; ensuring their learning journey is tailored to them.

However, we are also aligning this with our team standardisation to ensure all staff are approaching the qualification in the same way and that the expectations of all our learners are to standard.

The marriage of individual support and standardisation can feel intimidating but using online learning platforms and resources like those provided on the Laser can make standardisation a much clearer and simplified process.

How do online learning platforms like the Laser aid standardisation?

Access to standardisation meeting notes

Holding regular standardisation meetings is integral to ensuring all staff have a good understanding of what is expected of them, as well as giving staff the chance to share good practice and answer any questions staff may have about qualifications and delivery.

The Laser provides an area to store standardisation meeting notes, so all staff can access them at any time. This means staff know where to go if they have a question about something covered in the meeting and this also provides an ideal stepping stone to the next scheduled meeting.

Support standardisation practice with online meetings

It can be difficult to get a team together for standardisation meetings, particularly if it something that needs to be addressed urgently. However, working with an online platform means you can hold a video conference and share your screen with others, hold one-to-one video meetings, or share videos of your screen to demonstrate best practice. You can also easily upload and share these videos or additional files to aid with standardisation.

These possibilities save time and resources but also mean you are on hand to support the assessing team as well as allowing them to support each other whenever they need to.

Learners all have access to the same learning resources

If each staff member is creating their own learning resources for their learners, you need a way to oversee that each staff member’s resources meet the standard. With online learning resources you know exactly what resources learners are accessing and what the resources cover. Learners may have additional resources and staff members may provide additional resources if they wish, but there is a solid foundation for learning for each of your learners.

As Laser Lessons resources are written by subject specialists and, unlike a paper textbook, are instantly updated to include changes to legislation, best practice, and qualifications. This means you can be sure learners are all gaining the relevant knowledge.

Learners and assessors can instantly see qualification criteria

The Laser e-portfolio lists the criteria to be covered for each unit as the learner is working on it or submitting work towards it. This means there is no confusion for the assessor or the learners and that the expectations for their work are always transparent.

IQAs can sample across all portfolios at any time

The sampling process on the Laser is straightforward and in-depth. IQAs can sample from a single portfolio or a selection of portfolios at any time. They can choose what they want to sample including which evidence types to create sample plans which fit your IQA procedures.

Standardisation is an essential part of the assessment process and has factored greatly into the creation of the Laser e-portfolio to ensure assessors, IQAs, and EQAs have all the tools they need to evaluate, oversee, and engage with the standardisation practices within their organisation.

To find out more about the Laser e-portfolio and online learning resources please don’t hesitate to get in touch.