NEW Supporting Assessment for Learning (AfL) Short Course

Assessment for Learning (AfL) is a commitment to learning and progression at school which is tailored to individual needs. AfL gives learners the opportunity to be more involved in their learning and development, and helps them understand their path to achieving learning goals.

This short course covers the purpose and characteristics of AfL and how to use assessment strategies to encourage learning. Know how to support learners and encourage self-reflection, review strategies and achievement, and maintain records. This is aimed at learning support practitioners.

Learning outcomes

  • You will understand the difference between formative and summative assessment
  • The purpose and characteristics of AfL will be explained, as will the role of the support practitioner in assessing learner progress
  • You will be able to identify opportunities for assessment and make judgements about how well learner’s are doing and how much they are participating in activities
  • You will be able to set personalised learning goals with learners and engage them in their learning journey

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