NEW Promoting Positive Behaviour Teaching Short Course

Our new teaching CPD short course is for those in a teaching role who want to develop skills to promote positive behaviour, manage challenging behaviour, and create an educational environment where everyone feels safe and happy.

Creating a positive environment for children and young people is essential to ensure they feel safe and cared for. Once these needs are met teaching can commence and this positive influence will encourage children and young people to engage, explore, and learn.

Without first focusing on a positive environment you risk children and young people feeling ignored and unhappy, which morphs teaching into a negative experience which may cause children and young people to disassociate from teaching or act out against learning.

A positive environment allows educators to focus on promoting positive behaviour in an engaging and useful way which students can carry with them through their life.

Course learning outcomes

  • You will understand policies and procedures for promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour in a learning environment
  • You will know why some children and adults act inappropriately at school or college
  • You will be able to promote positive behaviour
  • You will be able to manage behaviour that challenges

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