International observations for assessing and IQA qualifications now delivered remotely

Our Laser Systems assessment and IQA team have been working in partnership with NCFE CACHE for some time now to deliver qualifications and training to international centres across the UAE.

Ensuring the quality of the training and assessment process meets NCFE CACHE standards is of the upmost importance and we have always taken great pride in working closely with NCFE CACHE to actively promote this across the UK and internationally.

Until now, one way to demonstrate this understanding of quality has been to ensure that all observations that take place as part of qualification assessment are done face-to-face between the assessor and the learner. This has meant previously that we have only been able to provide assessor or IQA training to those who our team would be able to visit in country, and therefore some potential learners have not been able to achieve their qualification because this visit has not been possible, due to cost and time restraints of international travel.

As with our Laser e-portfolio and Laser Lessons online learning resources, our aim has always been to provide the best possible learning experience for every learner using flexible and accessible online delivery. Our many years of experience creating online learning resources has meant we know how to ensure quality through online delivery while also allowing each learner to feel they have control over their learning and that they can access everything they need in one place at any time they choose.

Approaching the idea of online observation has been a rigorous process to ensure that it is the right solution to give all international learners the opportunity to gain their assessor or IQA qualification while also being certain that it maintains the quality of delivery and assessment expected by NCFE CACHE.

Both Laser Systems and NCFE CACHE, after careful analysis and in-depth evaluation, have agreed that online observations following strict auditable processes are the right solution for us to provide assessor and IQA qualifications and training to international clients. This means that we are now able to observe and assess learners using online virtual face-to-face, rather than in country face-to-face, observations. We are pleased to be working with NCFE CACHE to meet this need and to continue to deliver qualifications to further improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment across the UAE and worldwide.

Our reputation for qualifications, training, and support, as well as our relationships with CACHE and other leading establishments in the UAE have been instrumental in bringing this solution to our international clients and we are both thankful and excited to be able to nurture more assessors and IQAs in the near future.

If you are an international centre looking for assessor or IQA training or would like to find out more about becoming a CACHE centre, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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