Laser Library: adding your own learning resources to Laser

Though we pride ourselves on creating exceptional teaching and learning resources for professional and personal development, we also understand that teachers and assessors using the Laser as a tool for learning will have their own resources to share.

The library section of your Laser e-portfolio is an area to which you can upload your own teaching and learning resources.

These resources can be uploaded by those with an administrator account for the Laser. It is essential each file uploaded to your Library is approved by your organisation, and so only those with the specified account can upload files to ensure each one has been approved.

Once a file is uploaded to the Library you then select the security for that file. This means selecting who should be able to access the file. In some cases, you may be uploading a teaching resources which is accessible to everyone, but in other cases you may be uploading documents which should only be accessible to organisation staff.

As well as uploading your own learning resource materials, you can also create separate folders within your Library to upload additional documents like policies, procedures, and guidance.

Please note, as the Library is for the organisation’s files, Laser Systems take no responsibility for what you choose to upload.

It is our aim to continuously improve the Laser and its functionality in order to work hand-in-hand with each user. Having the ability to upload your own teaching and learning resources, as well as being able to share files across staff levels and with learners, is something Laser users have celebrated as an important functionality within their e-portfolio.

To find out more about the Laser e-portfolio and learning resource, please get in touch.